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The research is predominantly concerned with modelling and digital control design for computer controlled systems. This includes theoretical investigation together with the design and implementation of controllers on practical real time systems; for example, pile driving rig , coupled drives system, inverted pendulum.

In the True Digital Control (TDC) design philosophy, all the design steps, from modelling to control implementation are carried out overtly in discrete time terms. This is in contrast to more conventional Direct Digital Control (DDC) system designs where the sampled data controller is obtained by the digitisation of a continuous time design based on a continuous time model. The TDC strategy consists of four fundamental steps: data-based identification and estimation of discrete-time, linear models of the system using advanced estimation techniques (developed by P.C. Young); the design of a Proportional-Integral-Plus (PIP) true digital controller, based on these estimated models; initial evaluation of the design using computer simulation;and, finally, real time implementation and evaluation of the controller on the actual system.


My Phd Research is carried out under the supervision of Dr Arun Chotai and Prof Peter Young.


This project is funded by an EPSRC Studentship.


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