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1999 publications

  • Jarvis, A.J., Young, P.C., Taylor, C.J. and Davies, W.J., (1999), An analysis of the dynamic response of stomatal conductance to a reduction in humidity over leaves of cedrella odorata, Plant, Cell and Environment, 22, 8, 913-924.

  • Price, L., Young, P.C., Berckmans, D., Janssens, K. and Taylor, C.J., (1999), Data-Based Mechanistic Modelling (DBM) and Control of Mass and Energy transfer in agricultural buildings, Annual Reviews in Control, 23, 71-82.

  • Tych, W., Young P.C., Pedregal D., Davies J., (1999), A software package for multi-rate unobserved component forecasting of telephone call demand. International Journal of Forecasting.

  • Young, P.C., (1999), Nonstationary time series analysis and forecasting, Progress in Environmental Science, 1, 1, 3-48.

  • Young, P.C., (1999), Data-based mechanistic modelling, generalised sensitivity and dominant mode analysis, Computer Physics Communications, 117, 113-129.

  • Young, P.C. and Pedregal, D.J., (1999), Macro-economic relativity: Government spending, private investment and unemployment in the USA 1948-1998, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics.
    [abstract][full text PDF]

  • Young, P.C. and Pedregal, D.J., (1999), Recursive and en bloc approaches to signal extraction. Journal of Applied Statistics, 26, 103-128.
    [abstract][full text PDF]

  • Young, P.C., Pedregal, D.J. and Tych, W., (1999), Dynamic harmonic regression, Journal of Forecasting, 18, 6, 369-394.
    [abstract][full text PDF]

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