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1994 publications

  • Green, H.M., Beven, K.J., Buckley, K. and Young, P.C., (1994), Pollution Incident Prediction with Uncertainty, appears as Chapter 6 in K.J. Beven, P. Chatwin and J. Millbank (Eds.), Mixing and Transport in the Environment, Wiley, Chichester, 113-137.
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  • Lees, M.J., Young, P.C., Chotai, A. and Tych, W., (1994), Multivariable true digital control of glasshouse climate, appears in R. Whalley (Ed.) Application of Multivariable System Techniques, Mechanical Engineering Publications, London, 255-267.
  • Taylor, J., Young, P.C. and Chotai, A., (1994), On the relationship between Generalised Predictive Control (GPC) and Proportional-Integral-Plus (PIP) control, appears in Clarke, D.W. (Ed.), Advances in Model Based Predictive Control, Oxford University Press, 53-68.
  • Young, P.C., (1994), Time Variable Parameter and Trend Estimation in Non-Stationary Economic Time Series, Journal of Forecasting, 13, 179-210.
  • Young, P.C. and Beven, K.J. (1994) Data-Based Mechanistic Modelling and the Rainfall Flow Nonlinearity, Environmetrics, 5, 335-363.
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  • Young, P.C., Lees, M., Chotai, A., Tych, W. and Chalabi, Z.S., (1994), Modelling and PIP Control of a Glasshouse Micro-Climate, Control Engineering Practice, 2, 4, Pergamon Press, Oxford, 591-604.

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