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1996 publications

  • Lees, M.J, Taylor, J., Chotai, A., Young, P.C. and Chalabi, Z.S., (1996), Design and implementation of a Proportional-Integral-Plus (PIP) control system for temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide in a glasshouse, Acta Horticulturae, 406, 115-123.

  • Mahendrarajah, S., Jakeman, A.J. and Young P.C., (1996), Water supply in monsoonal Asia: Modelling and predicting small tank storage, Ecological Modelling, 84, 127-137.

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  • Young, P.C., Parkinson, S. and Lees, M.J., (1996), Simplicity out of complexity: Occam's razor revisited, Journal of Applied Statistics, 23, 165-210.

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