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1997 publications

  • Young, P.C., Jakeman, A.J. and Post, D.A., (1997), Recent advances in the data-based modelling and analysis of hydrological systems. Water Science and Technology, 36, 99-116.

Postscript downloads

The following papers were presented at the 12th International Conference on Systems Engineering (ICSE) held at Coventry University from 9-11 September 1997. Click on the links to download a postscript version of each paper.

  • Validation of data-based mechanistic non-linear rainfall-flow model by Chris Fawcett, Peter Young and H Feyen, vol. 1, 252-257.
    [0.3 MB .eps file].

  • Delta operator PIP control in a river flow regulation scheme by Paul McKenna, Matthew Lees, Arun Chotai and Peter Young, vol. 2, 459-464.
    [0.3 MB .eps file].

  • River flow forecasting using a delta operator Kalman filter by Paul McKenna, Peter Young and Arun Chotai, vol. 2, 465-470.
    [0.3 MB .eps file].

  • Robust PIP control of multivariable stochastic systems by James Taylor, Peter Young and Arun Chotai, vol. 2, 673-678.
    [1.4 MB .ps file].

  • Forecasting, simulation and control of interurban traffic networks by James Taylor, Peter Young and Arun Chotai, vol. 2, 679-68.
    [1.6 MB .ps file].

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