Hazelrigg Weather Station
IEBS, Lancaster University

Meteorological Office Climatological Station Number 7236

Hazelrigg Weather Station

Daily weather observations have been made at Lancaster University since 1966. Initially the weather station was located at a site on the University campus, but in 1976 was relocated to Hazelrigg. Hazelrigg Weather Station is run by the Environmental Science Division of the Institute of Environmental and Biological Sciences (IEBS) at Lancaster University. The site lies about one kilometre North-East of the University Campus on top of a small hill, and is about ten kilometres from the Irish Sea coast.


*National Grid Reference : SD3493 4579
*Altitude : 94.1 metres above sea level
*Latitude : 54 degrees 1' 50" North
*Longitude : 2 degrees 46' 30" West


*Full-time Meteorological Observer: Martin Beadle
*Web Site : Dr. Martin Lord, CRES.
*Occasional Observers: Dr. Robin McIlveen, Peter Larsson
*Voluntary/Trainee Observers: Numerous post-graduates and students

Weather observations are made every morning at 0900 GMT and the data passed on to the Meteorological Office. The Hazelrigg data provides an extremely valuable record of the weather at Lancaster over the last thirty years. In recognition of this, the weather station received an award for long service from the Meteorological Office in May 1996. The record is continuous and of very high quality, and is used for many undergraduate and postgraduate research studies. Martin Beadle has received three awards from the Meteorological Office for the quality and reliability of the data, the latest in December 1996.

Weather Data Plots

The database is updated approximately monthly. Last update - 23rd March 1999.

*Plots of Daily Data

*Plots of Monthly Data

*Plots of Annual Data

*Long Term Averages


*A summary of recent weather at Lancaster University.
*An analysis of the 1995-1996 drought at Lancaster.
*Take a look at how hot the summer of 1995 was compared both with an average summer, and with the hottest on our records - 1976.


*Meteorological Office award for the high quality of data returns made in 1996.

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