Danum Valley Rainforest Research and Training Programme

Trees in proximity to canopy access locations


N.A. Chappell, B. Ola, M.J. Hanapi, and S.A. Samat 2000. Trees in proximity to canopy access locations: Danum Valley Rainforest Research and Training Programme. CRES Technical Report CRES/QA/RS-CAN/1/0008/1.0, Lancaster University, UK.

Several trees in the vicinity of the Danum Valley Field Centre (117o48.75 E and 5o01 N) Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, have been equipped with wooden observation platforms at the tops of their stems. Some of these trees also have aerial walkways linking two or more platforms. Additionally, several self-supporting, observation towers have been built in the same region. On the 15 August 2000 a survey of these canopy access locations was undertaken by Bernados Ola, Mohd Jamal bin Hanapi, Shaidih bin Abd Samat and Nick A Chappell. The principal objectives of this survey was an assessment of the genus/species of the trees (a) having branches that could be reached from the platform / walkway / tower / ladder, and (b) that might add to the local, volatile organic compound (VOC) levels in the canopy about the platform / walkway / tower. This assessment is required for the establishment of a new research project on the link between VOC emissions and Hydrology (Owen, James, Sinun, Bidin and Chappell 2000/2001 ' Effect of land-management and habitat water status on the volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from tropical forest canopies'). Tree identification was undertaken by Mr Bernados Ola.

See full document for tree locations

1. Canopy platform, Nature Trail (virgin forest)

Platform tree: Shorea johorensis

Individual nearby trees: Dimoocarpus longan, Polyalthia spp., Shorea johorensis, Xanthophyllum


Figure 1. View down access ladder, Nature Trail platform


2. Observation tower, Nature Trail (virgin forest)

Individual nearby trees: Walsura spp., Memecylon spp., Archidendron jiringa (x4)


3. Canopy platform, W6 (virgin forest)

Platform tree: Koompassia excelsa

Individual nearby trees: Aporusa spp Eugenia spp Shorea johorensis


Figure 2. Canopy platform at W6


4. Canopy platform, C88 (logged forest)

Platform tree: Koompassia excelsa

Individual nearby trees: Parashorea mellaanonan, Shorea oleasa, Mallotus spp., Sindora irpicina, Hopea nervosa, Xanthophyllum spp., Alangium ebenaceum, Polyalthia spp


5. Canopy platforms / small walkway, FACE fire lookout (logged forest)

Platform trees: Shorea multiflora Shorea pilosa

Individual nearby trees: Lithocarpus spp. (x3), Shorea spp. (x3), Shorea pavifolia


Figure 3. FACE fire lookout platforms and small walkway


Figure 4. Small walkway at FACE fire lookout


6. Canopy walkway, BRL (virgin)

Platform trees: Shorea johorensis, Shorea johorensis, Koompassia excelsa

Individual nearby trees: Aglaia spp., Ryparosa spp., Eugenia spp., Barrringtonia spp. (x2), Fordia spp., Archidendron jiringa, Parashorea tomentella (x2; + 2x spp lianas), Blumeodendron tokbrai, Paranephelium spp., Diospyros spp., Teijsmanniodendron pteropodum, Eugenia spp., Shorea johorensis (x2), Pentace laxiflora, Shorea superba


Figure 5. Last walkway section towards last platform, BRL


Figure 6. Last walkway section towards middle platform (from last platform), BRL


7. Observation tower, C89 (logged forest)

not surveyed


8. Observation tower, Bukit Atur (logged forest)

not surveyed

Figure 7. Observation tower, Bukit Atur


Figure 9. Bukit Atur prior to observation tower construction. Gunung Danum is the double peaked hill on the horizon


Figure 10. Bukit Atur prior to observation tower construction (old atur building shown)


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