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Sustainable Water Management MSc

A course combining modules in hydrology, water quality and ecology and a research project tailored towards developing skills relavent to starting a career in the UK water sector

Taught by world experts in their field, including staff of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology within the Lancaster Environment Centre

Projects and Work Placements benefit from our strong research links with organisations such as United Utilities, the Environment Agency, Defra and the UK Government Research Councils.

As an MSc SWM student you become an associate member of the Centre for Sustainable Water Management and are invited to all of our research and social activities

The course components:

      Choose 4-6 modules (plus dissertation) from the core

      Choose up to 2 modules from these recommended options or other 400-level modules

      Work Placement (ENV445)

      Dissertation Project (external placement) and Research Skills (LEC493)

      Chemical Oceanography (ENV451)

      Conservation Biology (ECOL415)

      Contaminated Land and Remediation (ENV434)

      Data Assimilation and Integration (LEC422)

      Environmental Auditing (GEOG416)

      Environmental Informatics in Practice (GEOG423)

      Environmental Management (GEOG414)

      Environmental Sampling and Analysis for Trace Organics (LEC425)

      Food Security, Agriculture and Climate Change (BIOL420)

      Geoinformatics (GEOG413)

      Geological Hazards (ENV441)

      Habitat Management (ECOL414)

      International & European Environmental Law (LLM5212)

      Isotope Geochemistry in the Environment (LEC426)

      Perspectives on Environment and Development (GEOG410)

      Programming for Environmental Scientists (ENV448)

      Renewable Energy B (ENGR408)

      Sustainable Soil Management (LEC428)

      Water Quality Modelling (ENV420)

      Unassessed, support modules & courses

      Catchment Hydrology (ENV210)

      Hydrology: From Processes to Models (ENV311)

      Numerical Skills (ENV460)

      Writing for Science, Health & Medicine (essays and reports)