Uncertainty estimation for environmental models (including the GLUE methodology)

Papers are listed here that are known by Lancaster University to include the GLUE technique or have been written by authors associated with the NERC Long Term Grant scheme (Project no. NER/L/S/2001/00658). This therefore includes 3 sections, the first identifies papers with an author connection that was at Lancaster University (collaborating or member of staff), the second includes all other papers that do not have an author link with Lancaster but do use the GLUE technique. The final third section gives all papers published before 2002. The list does not include any papers in review or in submission.
No draft or in review papers are included in the list. If you have a GLUE paper and your paper isn't in this list or your know of one that should be then please let us know, thanks

GLUE papers with author connections at Lancaster

1. Smith, P., Beven, K.J., Dean, S., Freer, J.E., Gallart, F., Latron, J. and Williams, R. 2008. On the calculation of the spatial distribution of inflow to a river reach through the analysis of a tracer experiment with uncertainties. Hydrological Processes, in press.
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Book Chapters and refereed Conference papers
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Invited Commentaries and Comments
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Comments and Reviews
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GLUE papers with external author connections

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