Chappell, N.A. 2005. Water pathways in humid forests: myths vs observations. Suiri Kagaku (Water Science), 48(6), 32-46 (in Japanese).



This article is a scientist's perspective on the "popular beliefs" of the hydrological role of humid forests and the aquatic impacts of forestry within the tropical setting of Malaysia and temperate environment of the United Kingdom - two areas at either end of the Eurasian Continent. Over the last 50 years, selective harvesting of natural forests has been the predominant form of forestry in Malaysia, while within the UK over the same period, afforestation with exotic conifers and the subsequent patch clearcutting has dominated. The aim of the analysis of forest and forestry impacts within these two particular regions (somewhat different to Japan) is to provoke debate, rather than to provide a definite statement of well attested conclusions.

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