Papers in submission:

Sase, H., Yamashita, N., Luangjame, J., Garivait, H., Visaratana, T., Kietvuttinon, B., Hongthong, B., Urban, S., Leong, K.P., Toh, Y.Y., Majid, N.M., Sanusi, A., Ahmed, O.H., Gandaseca, S., Chappell, N., Ohta, S., Shindo, J., Hayashi, K.,and Matsuda, K. 2011. The EANET challenges on catchment-scale monitoring in Asian forests. In: Proccedings of the International Symposium on Rehabilitation of Tropical Rainforest Ecosystems 2011. 24-25 October 2011, Kuala Lumpur, in press

Yamashita, N., Sase, H., Kobayashi, R., Luangjame, J., Visaratana, T., Garivait, H., Kietvuttinon, K., Hongthong, B., Urban, S., Shindo, J., Matsuda, K., and Chappell, N. 2011. A vertical distribution of ion fluxes in wet and dry tropical forest of Southeast Asia. In: Acid Rain 2011, Beijing 15-17 June 2011, in press

Chappell, N.A., Bonell, M., Barnes, C.J., and Tych, W. 2012. Tropical cyclone effects on rapid runoff responses: quantifying with new continuous-time transfer function models. In: Revisiting Experimental Catchment Studies in Forest Hydrology, Webb A (ed) IAHS Publication, 35X, Wallingford, IAHS Press. accepted.

Wohl, E., Barros, A., Brunsell, N., Chappell, N.A, Coe, M., Giambelluca, T., Goldsmith, S., Harmon, R., Hendrickx, J., Juvik, J., McDonnell, J., and Ogden, F. The hydrology of the humid tropics.Nature Climate Change accepted

Ampadu, B., Chappell, N.A. and Tych, W. Optimal utilisation of raingauge data for rainfall-runoff modelling of sparsely gauged large basins. in submission

Yamashita, N., Sase, H., Kobayashi, R., Uchiyama, S., uRBAN, s., Peng, L.K., Ying, T.Y., and Chappell, N. 2012. Stream water chemistry and internal nutrient fluxes in a Malaysian tropical rainforest. in submission

Ockenden M.C., Chappell, N.A., and Neal, C. Identification of dominant runoff pathways from analysis of streamwater chemistry in a sub-catchment of the Eden basin, UK. in preparation

Ockenden M.C. and Chappell, N.A. High resolution soil moisture patterns and predictability by the Kirkby topographic index. in preparation

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