Chappell, N.A. 1995. Identification of meso-scale hydrologic response and parameters. Presented at Scale problems in hydrological modelling, British Hydrological Society meeting, 23 June 1995, Birmingham University.



The ability to identify response at the meso-scale (1 are to 1 ha) is essential to the parameteristion of a range of contaminant transport problems to be simulated at the 1-10 km2 catchment scale. Derivation of meso-scale parameters from 'upscaled' point measurements or directly at the plot-scale is difficult given measurement uncertainty. This uncertainty results from a combination of non-Darcian behaviour, coarse sampling and instrument error. Combined tracer and hydrometric methods may both identify and constrain such uncertainties. Regionalisation of the results of 'measured terrain elements' should be as rigorous (statistically) as the smaller-scale work.

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