Thang H.C. and Chappell, N.A. 2004. Minimising the hydrological impact of forest harvesting in Malaysia's rain forests In Forests, Water and People in the Humid Tropics, Bonell M. and Bruijnzeel, L.A. (Eds), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. p 852-865.



A process of formal certification of forest harvesting practices undertaken within Malaysia's rain forests is ongoing. The criteria* and indicators* used to assess the sustainability* of these practices within the Malaysian environment ('MC&I') specifically address measures to minimise damage to the hydrological system.

This study details those MC&I and associated benchmarks (or Standards of Performance*) that help minimise hydrological impacts. Ability to meet the hydrological benchmarks during forest certification* was examined using a case study of an independent re-assessment of a Forest Management Unit* (i.e., Selangor State FMU) certified as 'sustainably managed'. Lastly, the consistency of the benchmark standards with current understanding of tropical forest hydrology was addressed, with strengths and weaknesses being identified.

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