Chappell, N.A., Beven, K.J., Henderson, E.H., and Holland, M.J. 1993. Dispersivity derivation from core to 3D plot scale experiments. In proceedings of the European Science Foundation workshop Appropriate Scale in Soil Transport Processes, Prague, Czech Republic, 2-6 June 1993.



A 930 m2 experimental plot has been established at the Hazelrigg Field Station, University of Lancaster. This plot has been instrumented to provide a well-constrained dataset of water-flow and solute transport. These data are currently being used to validate the SHETRAN-UK contaminant transport model. Within this study, hydrometric and transport parameters are characterised using core-scale experiments combined with upscaling techniques.

Quasi-steady moisture conditions are maintained within the plot and are monitored with sprinkler gauges, drain recorders, tensiometry, piezometry and neutron moderation. Line-source and distributed inputs of electrical tracers are monitored using datalogged resistivity networks comprising borehole probes, salinity cells, and Wenner arrays. Water samples are extracted also.

Good identifiability of the macroscopic flow has allowed profile-ward, slope-ward and transverse dipersivities to be derived at the plot-scale. These values are compared with those derived at the core-scale and the predictions made by the upscaling technique. Uncertainties resulting from instrumental artefacts, spatial variability and the dispersivity-calibration are quantified. Results are preliminary at this early stage in the programme.

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