Wednesday 24th August: Gaping Gill Winch Meet
The plan is for some people to go down (and/or up) on the winch, and others to go
down (and/or up) one of the cave entrances - possibly Small Mammal Pot, the new
way in to Bar Pot - and all meet up in Main Chamber for tea and scones. The first
group would need about £10 each for the winch, the second would need SRT gear.
Snag: the queues for the winch tend to build up unless you get there very early – say 8
a.m. Precise plans will be made later. Call Phil on 01524 37688 nearer the time if
you're interested. PS. Bring your own tea and scones.

9-11th September: Camping in Wales
At Gwern Gof Uchaf, Ogwen Valley, GR 674 603. Great base for walking, climbing,
scrambling, even evening climbs on nearby crag (if nice weather). Campsite now has
shower block and wash room, plus reasonable priced bunk house.
(see Contact Pete and Meg on 01925 263507

Saturday 24th September: Un-missable Event!
A Slugfest suitable for all tastes, with a trip down Notts II during the day, followed by
a party/house-warming at John’s in the evening, to celebrate Nicole’s 18th birthday.
Come to either or both activities.
Notts II Contact Phil on 01524 37688, who says: Caving trip for the not-quite
novice. Notts II has 1.3 km of classic Yorkshire stream passage and needs no tackle.
The entrance is close to the road and consists of a seemingly endless climb down a
shored shaft (with fixed ladders), followed by more climbs and a short crawl. We can
take a lifeline although it's not really necessary. Once in the streamway we can go
downstream to the sump, and then upstream a long way, through a couple of waist-
deep pools to a side passage containing some beautiful white formations - walking all
the way. A great trip.
Nicole’s Birthday: Phone John on 01535 681863 or 077757 96270 Is the
conservatory built yet? Will John manage to clear enough floor-space for dancing?
Will anyone bring embarrassing pictures of Nicole as a toddler? Come and find out.

Saturday 8th October: Daresbury Open Day
Lots of hands-on science at the lab where Pete works. Interesting for kids and adults.
Stay at 17 Beech Road and possibly walk to a local pub for Sunday lunch or a chance
to visit Warrington climbing wall if raining. Contact Pete and Meg on 01925 263507

21 – 24th October: Rawhead in Langdale
Three nights, at the start of October half term, so you can be relaxing in the Lakes on
Sunday night instead of fighting the Blackpool traffic on the M6 ! It’s the usual Fell
and Rock Club venue at GR 304067 Phone Anne and Ken on 01200 425841

26th November: mountain biking in the Lakes
Pete traditionally likes to plan a bike ride after the clocks have gone back, so it turns
into an epic thrash in the dark. Last year this was almost achieved after we got 5
punctures. The year before we had to resort to a long spell in the pub at lunchtime.
This year the weighty responsibility has passed to Richard Morton instead, who has
volunteered to dream up a suitable bike ride in the Northern Lakes.
Contact Richard on 01900 825863

17th December: Pendle Hill
Come to Ken and Anne’s and choose whether you want to walk up Pendle Hill or
cycle round it. Come back to ours for food and fun, and debate which was the best
option. Alternatively, just come for the food and fun! Floor space and Sunday activity
or inactivity also available. Phone 01200 425841

A reminder about Tresviso 2005
About 35 people have said they are coming, and others are rumoured to be coming but
not confirmed. The communal stuff (big tent, one or more chemical toilets, gazebo,
shower) will be arriving on Thursday or Friday of the first week (28/29 July) with
Phil and Rosie, and leaving on Monday 8 August. Sorry, but they don't have any more
spare holiday to extend that period! Outside those dates, you'll have to make your own
arrangements - like going to the bar. (There won't be as much stuff as last time - i.e.
no field hospital or outdoor kitchen.)
The village is charging EUR30 per day for the field. Phil calculates that if the campers
pay EUR2.50 per person per day that might just about cover it. Slugs funds can make
up any shortfall.
A request from Carolyn: to feed her insatiable reading habit, would everyone bring
one (or more) novels to donate to her stash? You probably have at least one paperback
on your shelves that you've no intention of reading again.

More details of how to get there (if you haven't already decided), and what to do are

See you in the Picos!


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