7.30 PM

Here's some vital info about the dinner. Please pass this on to people you
are in touch with who don't read their e-mails or aren't on e-mail:

1. Location

Dalesbridge Centre ( ), Austwick, near Clapham, N.
Yorks. Grid ref. SD762676. It's on the west side of the A65, about 9 km from
Ingleton and 8 km from Settle. Phone 01524 251021.

2. Date/Time

Saturday 18 September.
Baxter's tea tent will be open from about 2 p.m. The bar opens at 6.30, the
meal is at 7.30. If you've forgotten what food you ordered, Sue will tell
you. The bar shuts about 1 a.m.

3. Accomodation

Camping - plenty. Just turn up any time. Pay Dalesbridge.
Bunk rooms - there may be a 4-bed bunkhouse still free. 10 per bunk if you
book all four, or 11 individual. Contact Dalesbridge direct to book.
One family room (B&B) still available - 68 per night all-in. Again, contact
Dalesbridge direct.
Due to a last-minute cancellation there's a twin B&B in Austwick village,
deposit paid. Contact Elaine Chapman (0117 9685718) if you're interested.

4. Activities

11 a.m. Gather for an easy caving trip (weather permitting). A short ladder
climb, some wading, no crawling to speak of. Bring change of clothing -
helmets and lights (and oversuits) can be hired at Bernie's.

Walking and biking if you organise it yourself.

After the dinner: see Ken (Ents Officer)'s separate e-mail yesterday.
Carolyn is giving a presentation about accomodation in Tresviso for next

5. Sunday

Baxter's tea tent will dispense rehydrating fluid for those feeling
delicate. Not sure yet what time breakfast is served.

See you all on Saturday!


Dear Slugs

By popular request there will be an easy caving trip on Saturday 18 Sept -
probably Kingsdale Valley Entrance (weather permitting). I'm proposing that
we gather at Dalesbridge at 11 a.m. and then pick up some lights at Bernie's
on the way through. The trip shouldn't take more than a couple of hours.
Don't forget a complete change of clothing! There are showers at
Dalesbridge, I believe.

Those who don't wish to go underground can either sit around drinking tea
with Chris Baxter or have a walk up Ingleborough or Moughton, depending on
energy levels.

See you there!


Dear Slugs,
right i'm back from my holidays now!
As you know i've been elected (lumbered) as entertainment officer. First
let me just reassure you that their will be no Tresviso nostalgia show from
me this year.

If you wish to provide some entertainment at the Slugs dinner please let me
know so we can plan and organise (not what normally happens but a change can
be good).
I would like to keep contributions short (15 mins) unless it's something
really special.
I can supply slide projector and screen, if needed, and I know about it!

Two items have been suggested that need your support.
1) A different sort of quiz! We need 6 to 10 slugs to reveal to me a little
known fact about their recent or distant past and if possible supply a photo
(not essential). The idea is that no-one else knows this fact, so they can
all have fun guessing who it is. This might be in teams or individually or
even as a multimedia presentation (not much chance).
Obviously you will need to be happy with me eventually revealing the truth!
Send your contributions asap.

2) We all like to catch up on each other's news. Don't we? How about you
supply 5 0r 6 slides or pictures of what you have been doing recently
(remember their will be children present) and possibly offer to explain what
they mean! I.e talk yourself or we can find an extrovert to read out your

Do send stuff, and soon. No contributions means no entertainment.