The Slugs Dinner 2002





The Original Flyer

Slugs Dinner


Itís time for Slugs to come out of the ground, meet their old friends, and catch up on the last few yearsí gossip. The dinner is at a new venue this year which is more accessible for those coming from the south and hopefully still offers the same relaxed atmosphere, late night drinking, accommodation, and letís not forget the food of course. There was a distinct lack of response to the idea of sketches, but itís never too late to volunteer any sort of entertainment. Iím hoping to arrange a picture show from Tresviso 2000 and Iím trying to get a data projector so that we can show photos that have been scanned as well as slides. If anyone has access to one please let me know and anyone with interesting/embarrassing pictures should also let me know.

The only accommodation available at the pub is camping in the pubís field that has toilets but no showers, but has the attraction of only a very short stagger to bed. The cost is £2.50 per tent paid at the time. Please let me know if you intend camping there, as they may have to open up another field if thereís lots of tents. Otherwise Howard and Gill McKee have offered some dossing space for about 8 people at their place, which is about 4 miles from the pub. Phone them if you want to stay there (01298 70542).

There is B&B at the Plough Inn (01298 85557) at Flagg 1.5 miles away. They have 2 rooms @ £20 per person and it doesnít matter what time you get back there. Other B&Bs near Buxton are at Shallow Grange (01298 23578) or if you want to stay the whole weekend try Staden Grange (01298 24965- they wonít book the Saturday night only, unless there are rooms still available at the last minute). Otherwise try the local tourist office or surf the web.

As camping is likely to be the main choice for the night there may be people without tents/sleeping bags etc., especially if we can persuade some of the foreign residents to brave England. So if you have any spare equipment that you are willing to loan out, or need to borrow anything, then please let me know and Iíll try to match you up.

The meal will be served at 8pm, but the pub opens at 6pm (itís shut between 3 and 6pm) and there may even be a sluggy activity during the day if thereís a volunteer to organise it! After the meal the bar stays open as long as you keep the staff happy and awake and want to keep talking. This year theyíve requested that breakfasts are pre-booked, and pre-paid as well so please include that with your reply. Breakfast will only be served from 9 to 10am as the chef needs the kitchen for preparing lunches.


The Bull Iíth Thorn is on the A515 at Hurdlow (but donít bother looking for a village on the map) between Buxton and Ashbourne, Derbyshire, approximately 6 miles from Buxton and 15 from Ashbourne, GR 128 665.


All you have to do is complete the form and return it to me with a cheque made payable to myself, then ring up another Slug that you havenít seen for ages and persuade them to come as well. All meals must be paid for in full to be booked. You must select your first and main courses, sweets are chosen on the night from the sweet board. Coffee and mints are also included. If you want any breakfast you must order and pay for that now as well. Children can either order a small portion from the set menu for £9 or can chose from the childrenís menu on the night, priced from £2.95.

For those slugs living abroad who want to come, if you have a way of getting money to me then please do, otherwise Iíll accept your money on the night. Although if for whatever reason you have to cancel after the deadline Iím afraid youíll still have to pay and get the money to me somehow.

All replies must be received by 24th August, but Iíd prefer to know as soon as possible to make planning easier.

	Sue IíAnson
	Foxvane Cottage 
	42 High Street
	South Glos
	GL12 8NP
Any queries, phone me on 01454 294564 or 07761 558815
or e-mail



Some people are going to be in Buxton on Friday night and would like to meet any one else who is staying in the area. Contact me and Iíll let you know who else is around.


Dave & Margot Checkley will be doing an 18 mile walk along the Dove valley, see attached sheet. Contact Dave & Margot 0161 439 4387.

Softies can take a shorter route either stopping or starting at Hartington or even just being a tourist there.

Hartington attractions include pub, pottery, cheese factory and shop, cream teas, duck pond Ö Meet in the Devonshire Arms pub (thirsty walkers may drop in). Nearby thereís the flat Tissington Trail for walking or cycling.


For the even bigger softies Chris Baxter will be sitting by his tent brewing tea (weather permitting) for those who want to sit around nattering.


Meal at 8pm with entertainment to follow.


Play rounders in the field at the back of the pub. Bring along a bat and ball if you have one.




See you there,


Dovedale from Axe Edge p.144 Classic Walks

Linear walk 18 miles - 8 hours. Map - Peak District White Peak

Escape @ 12 miles at Hartington or late start.

A beautiful, easy, but long walk that follows the Dove from a small spring to a large river at Ilam. It begins in a gentle grassy valley and descends through wide pastures to the steep walled and popular Dovedale gorges.

Suggested Itinerary: -

  1. 3 cars start out at 8am
  2. 1 left in Hartington village on Mill Lane or in the main square (128604) - the escape car
  3. 1 left in car park at the end of Dovedale near Walton Hotel (147508)
  4. Drivers return in the third car to the start of the walk on the A53 approx 5km south of Buxton. The walk begins just south of Dove Head Farm (031684). There is parking on the left just before the pub 300m further south on the A53. There is also parking round the back of the pub. The drivers should get back at the start for 9am.

For those who have never walked down the Dovedale Gorge and want a late start, Dave suggests starting at Hartington and walking to the end near Ilam.

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