I am compiling a list of SLUGS who are on e-mail and who can receive the 
address and events list that way. Anybody who wishes to be added should send me 
their address. Ian Edmondson is also creating a SLUGS page on the web 
( any queries or 
suggestions should be directed to Ian. 

Any late contributions for 96 or early contributions for 97 gratefully 
received! Please send 3  (5 for couples/families) or bring it along in person 
to one of the events. Cheques payable to Sue IAnson please.

EVENTS - WINTER '96  - contact listed name or Sue IAnson (01454 294564) for 

Come and celebrate 20 years since a load of us joined LUSS and discuss the age 
of  SLUGS during a communal picnic at Long Churn. Ken and Anne will bring along 
their big tent for shelter from bad weather and Pete Iles has offered shelter 
from appalling weather and camping space for Saturday night.
Contact Anne or Ken Daykin (01254 883934)  for details about the picnic and 
food to bring and Pete Iles (0153 956 7292) about Saturday night. 

Enjoy a ride on a steam train with Father Christmas, on return trip from 
Oxenhope (near Howarth). Suggested itinerary is for a child and one parent to 
go on the train, while the other parent goes for a bike ride on Ilkley moor. 
The train tickets cost 6.50 an adult and 3.50 a child. These need to be 
booked in advance, so contact Mike and Anila Avison asap (01274 671215)

John Boardman, Seamus Collum and Kevin Ellis are organising a weeks skiing in 
the village of Champagny, in the La Plagne complex. Theyve booked 2 self 
catering apartments for 6, but more apartments are available for 3/4/6 people. 
The apartments are 50 metres from a gondola ski lift and include free leisure 
facilities (lounge with open fire, outdoor swimming pool, fitness room, sauna, 
turkish bath, games room). Price for accommodation and transport (driving from 
UK) is max. 180 plus food, insurance, ski pass, hire, etc. 
Contact John, Kevin or Seamus asap for more info and to make sure you reserve 
your place (and pay your deposit!)
FEBRUARY 14-16 CRIANLARICH                                   
The ever popular SLUGS trip to snowy (hopefully) Scotland. As usual we may or 
may not be skiing in Glencoe, ice climbing, hill walking, cross country skiing 
etc. The Ochils club hut is about half a mile east of the station on the Left 
of the road to Stirling just past the Ben More bar.
Contact Anne or Ken Daykin (01254 883934)  for details.

MARCH 28-31 SCOTLAND                                   
Dave Checkley will be heading up to  Scotland for the easter weekend. Anyone 
wanting to join him should contact him nearer the time to find out where and 
get more details.
Contact Dave Checkley  (0161 998 4849).

October 1997 - SLUGS 20th Birthday Party. Im hoping to book something in 
Derbyshire for food and cheap accomodation. If any body has any good ideas of 
venue or events please let me(Sue IAnson) know .

Summer 2000 - Chris Baxter is organising a trip to the Picos to celebrate 25 
years in Tresviso in the summer of 2000. Join in the 5 yearly fiesta del san 
Carlos on August 5.


Ken has put together this information to explain the benefits of SLUGS being a 
member of the BMC.

Insurance includes travel, mountaineering, trekking, ski-touring, rock 
climbing, etc.

Reciprocal Rights Card (costs 29.50) if you are intending to stay in lots of 
alpine huts, it could save you money.

Access To Over 100 British Huts From BMC hut list.

Contacts BMC can put you in contact with your nearest climbing/walking club.

Personal Liability Insurance our members have 2,000,000 personal liability 
insurance, valid worldwide.

Information Service  leaflets, books, videos, information packs. Some are free, 
eg free booklet about correct use of crampons, care of ropes etc., videos on 
winter skills, alpine skills, etc.

Discounts subscription to High magazine at discount rates. European coach 
travel to climbing areas

SPSA access to Single Pitch Supervisors Award scheme.

For more information on any of the above contact:

177-179 Burton Rd
M20 2BB
Tel: 0161 445 4747
Fax:0161 445 4500

To use any of the above state you are a member of an affiliated club - SLUGS - 
and quote club number M920115

In addition our subscription supports the work of the BMC. Two important areas 
are -

The BMC does a huge amount of work to maintain access and to fight 
restrictions, both for hill walking and climbing.

Informing Parliamentary and European Committees
Two recent examples:
- The Scottish Affairs Committee recently looked into compulsory insurance as a 
legal requisite for going onto the hills in Scotland. The proposal was rejected 
after listening to various bodies including the BMC.
- A European Commission seriously considered a certification scheme for a legal 
right to go climbing, mountaineering and hillwalking. This too was rejected 
after serious opposition from a group of national climbing bodies, led by the