SLUGS visit Chartreuse - August 2006
photos: John, Dave, Martin, Hilary, Sophie, Eleanor & Pete

The Team

Andrew (Hilary) SLUGS (Hilary) Oliver Twist ... no Josephene really (Eleanor)
Anne (John) Ritchie (John) Sarah (John) Hilary (Hilary)
Pete (John) Matthew and gameboy (Anne) Jonathan looking happy (John) Eleanor (John)
Meg (John) Martin (John) Matthew (John) Dave (John)
The Walters (Anne) Meg and Eleanor (Anne) Josephene in backpack (Anne)
Christopher (John) Sophy and Josephene (Eleanor) Eleanor (Eleanor) Dave (Eleanor)
Caroline (Eleanor) Sophie (Eleanor) John and Dave (Hilary) Kenny, Jill and Caroline (Eleanor)
Eleanor (Dave) Kenny (Hilary) Cards (Eleanor) Chris (Hilary)

Views from the Campsite
Camping de Martinière

morning mist rising throgh the trees (Dave)
Morning Mist
Chamechaude in the morning (Pete)

Grand Som (Pete)
Grand Som
Chamechaude at sunset (Pete)

Grotte Chevalier

round the nose of Dent de Crolles (Pete) View over Grenoble (Dave)
Approach round the nose of Dent de Crolles

the team (Anne) the cave entrance (Martin) resting on a spur (Anne)

Chris (John) Dave (John) Gollum (John) Anne and Eleanor (John)
Cave life

Dave (Martin) Andrew, Christopher and Matthew (John) Ken (Martin)


Dent de Crolles and Mont Blanc (John)
Dent de Crolles with Mont Blanc in the distance

Chris approaching Le Jardin (Dave) Lunch at Le Jardin (Pete) Lunch at Le Jardin (Dave)
Lunch at Le Jardin

The sangle (Pete) Ritchie (Martin)
The sangle path

Martin (John)
Martin decending

Climbing on the Dent de Crolles

Matthew and Ken (Anne) Matthew at the crux (Anne) Ken and Matthew on a ledge (Anne) Matthew and Ken in a chimney (Anne)

Cirque de St Même

river and trees (Anne) Matthew (Anne) scrambling up the cables (Anne)

source of the Guiers Vif (Anne) cave entance (Anne) Ken with camera (Anne)

Via Ferrata in the Massif des Bauges

Lunch stop at Col des Pres (Dave)
There must be a via ferrata somewhere round here

Meg (Pete) Eleanor tackles the overhang (Pete) Eleanor on the monkey bridge (Pete) John, Rleanor and Meg (Dave)
Via ferrata École du Nant de Rossane

Waterfall (Pete)
Waterfall on the approach to Le P'tchi

Christopher near the start (Dave) Eleanor (Pete) approaching the suspension bridge (John) the bridge (Dave)

Eleanor and Dave (John) Eleanor walks the plank (Pete) Pete at the top (Dave)
Via ferrata Le P'tchi

Massif de la Chartreuse (John)
View over Chambéry towards the Massif de la Chartreuse

Couvant de la Grande Chartreuse

Hilary (Martin) The Monastary (Hilary) The Monastary (Hilary)

a cell (Hilary) monks (Hilary)


Kenny, Carooline, Jill & Sophie (Eleanor) John (Eleanor) Pete, Dave, Chris & Meg (Sophie)
Start at les Varvat

lunch stop at the start of the sangle (Sophie) on the sangle (Dave)
Fouda Blanc sangle path

Fouda Blanc (John) Fouda Blanc (Chris) Fouda Blanc (Pete)

Eleanor reaching the top (Eleanor's camera) Fouda Blanc  (Sophie)

view south towards Chamechaude (Sophie)
View south towards Chamechaude & Charmant Som

Grand Som

Ken and Matthew on the summit ridge (Pete)
Ken and Matthew
View south towards Chamechaude (Pete)

Anne approaching the Col de Bovinant (Pete)
Col de Bovinant
looking down on the Couvant de la Grande Chartreuse (Pete)
Couvant de la Grande Chartreuse
Ken, Anne and Matthew examine the viewpoint at summit (Pete)
The summit viewpoint

A Bike Ride from Col du Coq

bike ride (Hilary) Hilary and Sophie (Anne) Anne, Matthew and Ken (Hilary)

École d'Escalade - Col du Coq

Chris (Eleanor) Josephene and Eleanor (Eleanor's camera) Josephene (Eleanor)

Josephene (Eleanor) Matthew (Eleanor) Ken (Eleanor)

Mont Granier

Bear Cave entance (Pete) Eleanor (Anne)
The Bear Cave

view from the top (Anne) Pete (Anne) scarecrow (Anne)

The Roman Inscription

Matthew climbing (Anne) The Roman Inscription (Anne) Matthew and Ken descending (Anne)

 (Anne)  (Anne)

And Finally...

As Recommended by Ritchie (Eleanor)
Essential emergency equipment for climbing Mont Blanc

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