Sex, cars, booze, late nights and rock 'n' roll.

Well, for those of you using a search engine which gives you the first few words of a document, sorry, but that may be a bit misleading. Still, carry on, I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Howdy folks. Just thought I'd drop you a quick note about life, love, the universe and perhaps a bit about the research I am undertaking at the moment, but don't switch off just yet!!

I'm John Rothwell, a research student at, yes, you've guessed it, Lancaster University (that windswept place that everybody bypasses on their way up North or down South).

My research is concerned with plant physiology and greenhouse climate control, so if you want to know more on that front then go to my project page , otherwise stick around and enjoy (hopefully).

So what's it all about then???

Well, life's just one long bath with the odd bubble appearing here and there (if you know what I mean) and here are a few of the bubbles that appear in my bathtub that you may wish to look at. Hope you enjoy them.

...and where did it all begin??

Although popular belief would suggest I was some kind of mutant from a place with an unpronouncable name (that I can't be bothered thinking of), I am a Northern lad through and through, coming from a small place called Radcliffe which is kind of sandwiched between the buttocks of Buryand Bolton (and if you don't know where they are, there's no hope for you!). Any fellow Radcliffians (as I'm sure we're called), let me know as we may have gone to the same pappy school or college. Reminisce about the good old times eh?

See you in the Royal Oak some time.

Any questions?

Well, if there are, I'll warn you that I am a veretable leaking tap of knowledge, but don't hesitate to drop me a line . Specialist subjects include sex, cars and beer in that order (if only!!), but pop in for a chat any time.

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