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Isoprene and Monoterpene - Emitting Species Survey 1997, C.N. Hewitt, H. Stewart, R.A. Street and P.A. Scholefield.

In 1992 we made available an exhaustive literature survey of the emissions of NMHCs from plants (C.N. Hewitt and R.A. Street, Atmospheric Environment, 26A, pp3069-3077) This original list of 643 plant species has since been added to as literature became available and is now available for down-loading here.

If there are any species not listed here which are known NMHC emitters please send the details in any Excel format for inclusion to Nick Hewitt ( , including the family, species name and common name, indicating whether the species is an emitter or not and the source of the reference.


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Nick Hewitt ( .

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