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Brian Davison

General interests

Brian has been working in the ES Dept at Lancaster over the last 10 years and has considerable experience in VOC sampling and analysis. His particular expertise lies with sulphur species such as DMS and MSA in the marine environment. In recent years his attention has focused on particle formation and occurrence in the coastal atmosphere, particularly with respect to the involvement of organic compounds through either reaction or condensation.

Recent Publications

D.A., R. Mulvaney and B.M. Davison, Stable-isotope/air -temperature relationships in ice cores from Dolleman Island and the Palmer Land Plateau, Antarctic Peninsula. Annals of Glacio. 10, 130-136, 1988.

Hewitt, C.N. and B.M. Davison. Review: The lifetime of organosulfur compounds in the troposphere. App. Organomet. Chem. 2, 407-415, 1988.

Davison, B.M., "The Contribution of Biogenically Produced Sulfur from the North Atlantic to the United Kingdom Sulfur Budget." PhD Thesis, Lancaster University, 1990.

Davison, B.M. and R. Davison. The mathematics of acid rain. Theta. 6, 1, 20-25, 1992.

Davison, B.M. and C.N. Hewitt. Natural sulfur species from the North Atlantic and their contribution to the United Kingdoms sulfur budget. J. Geophys. Res. 97, 2475-2488, 1992.

Davison, B.M. and C.N. Hewitt. Elucidation of the tropospheric reactions of biogenic sulfur species from a field measurement campaign in NW Scotland. Chemosphere, 28, 3, 543-557, 1994.

Davison, B.M., A. Phillips, P. Wheeler and C.N. Hewitt. Dimethyl sulfide and its oxidation products at Penmarc'h, Brittany. 6th European Symposium on Physico-Chemical Behaviour of Atmospheric Pollutants. Vol. 1, 271-276, 1994.

Haygarth, P.M., D. Fowler, S. Stürup, B.M. Davison and K.C. Jones. Determination of gaseous and particulate selenium over a rural grassland in the UK. Atmos. Environ., 28, 22, 3655-3663, 1994.

Davison, B.M. and A. Allen. A method for sampling for dimethyl sulfide in polluted and remote marine atmospheres. Atmos. Environ., 28, 10, 1721-1729, 1994.

Davison, B.M., C. O'Dowd, C.N. Hewitt, M.H. Smith, R.M. Harrison, D.A. Peel, E. Wolff, R. Mulvaney, M. Schwikowski and U. Baltensperger. Dimethyl sulfide and its oxidation products in the atmosphere of the Atlantic and Southern Oceans. Atmos. Environ., 30, 10/11, 1895-1906, 1996.

Lowe, J.A., M.H. Smith, B.M. Davison, S.E. Benson, M.K. Hill, C.D. O'Dowd, R.M. Harrison and C.N.Hewitt. Physico-chemical properties of aerosol at South Uist. Atmos. Environ., 30, 3765-3776, 1996.

Davison, B.M., C.N. Hewitt, R.M. Harrison, M. Schwikowski, U. Baltensperger, C. O'Dowd and M.H. Smith. Dimethyl sulfide, methane sulfonic acid and physico-chemical aerosol properties in Atlantic air from the United Kingdom to Halley Bay. J. Geophys. Res., 101, 22855-22874, 1996.

O'Dowd, C.D., M.H. Smith, J.A. Lowe, B.M. Davison, C.N. Hewitt and R.M. Harrison, New Particle Formation in the Marine Environment. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols, Helsinki, Kulmala and Wagner (eds), Pergamon Press, pp 925-929, 1996.

O'Dowd, C., J.A. Lowe, M.H. Smith, B.M. Davison, C.N. Hewitt and R.M Harrison. Sulfate CCN and biogenic sulfur emissions and inferred Nss-sulfate CCN in and around Antarctica. J. Geophys. Res., 102, 12839-12854, 1997.

Allen, A.G., A.L. Dick and B.M. Davison. Sources of atmospheric methanesulphonate, non-sea salt sulphate, nitrate and related species over the temperate South Pacific. Atmos. Environ., 31(2), 191-205, 1997.

Hewitt, C.N. and B.M. Davison. Field measurements of dimethyl sulfide and its oxidation products in the troposphere. Faraday Trans., 352, 1350, 183-188, 1997.

Putaud, J.P., B.M. Davison, S.F. Watts, N. Mihalopoulos, B. C. Nguyen & C. N. Hewitt. Dimethyl sulfide and its oxidation at two sites in Brittany (France). Atmos. Environ. 33, 647-659, 1999.

Grenfell, J.L., N. Savage, R.M. Harrison, S.A. Penkett, O. Forberich, F.J. Comes, K.C. Clemitshaw, R.A. Burgess, L Cardenas, B. Davison and G.G McFadyen. Tropospheric box-modelling and analytical studies of the hydroxyl (OH) radical and related species: comparison with observations. J. Atmos. Chem. 33, 183-214, 1999.

Grenfell, L.G., R. M. Harrison, A. G. Allen, J.P Shi, S. A. Penkett, C.D. O'Dowd, M.H. Smith, M.K. Hill, L.Robertson, C.N. Hewitt, B. Davison, A.C. Lewis, D. Creasey, D. Heard, K. Hebestreit, B. Alicke and J. James. An analysis of rapid increases in condensation nuclei concentrations at a remote coastal site on the western Ireland. J.Geophys. Res. 104, D11, 13771-13780, 1999.

Smith, A.M., T. Murray and B.M. Davison, Late-Surge Mechanical Conditions and Sticky-Spots Beneath a High Arctic Glacier: Results from Complementary High-Resolution Seismic and Radar Surveys. EOS Transactions, Volume 80, No 46, F332, 1999.

Milford, C., M.A., Sutton, A.G. Allen, B.M. Davison, A. Karlsson, K. Rosman, R.M. Harrison and J.N. Cape. Marine and land-based influences on atmospheric ammonia and ammonium over Tenerife. Tellus 52, B2, 750-778, 2000.

Bower, K.N., T.W.Choularton, M.W.Gallagher, K.M.Beswick, M.Flynn, A.G.Allen, B.M.Davison, J.D.James, L.Robertson, R.M.Harrison, C.N.Hewitt, J.N.Cape, G.G.McFadyen, B.G.Martinsson, G.Frank, E.Swietlicki, J.Zhou, O.H.Berg, B. Mentes, G.Papaspiropoulos, H-C.Hansson, M.Kulmala, P.Aalto, M.Vakeva, A.Berner, M.Bizjak, S.Fuzzi, P.Laj, M-C.Facchini, G.Orsi, L.Ricci, M.Nielsen, B.J.Allan, H.Coe , G.McFiggans, J.M.C.Plane, J.L.Collett Jr., K.F.Moore, D.E.Sherman. ACE-2 HILLCLOUD: An Overview of the ACE-2 Ground Based Cloud Experiment. Tellus 52, B2, 273-289, 2000.

Non peer reviewed publications

Book chapter "Oceanic Sources of Sulphur and their Contribution to the Atmospheric Sulphur Budget: A Review." In Acid Deposition, Vol 2. Ed. JWS Longhurst, British Library, 1991.

Davison, B.M. and C.N. Hewitt. Atmospheric sulfur species at Weybourne. 1st Annual Meeting Land-Ocean Interaction Study. 48-53, 1996

Book chapter "Formation of Aerosol Particles from Biogenic Precursors." In Environmental Particles Vol. IV: Atmospheric Particles Ed. R. Harrison and R. E. van Grieken (369-383, 1998)

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