River Wyre Hydrometry

29 Sept 2007, Nick A Chappell


A. River Wyre main channel

(1) Abbystead weir (gauged; map) and (2) Lune-Wyre Transfer outfall (gauged; map)

(3) Scorton weir (gauged; map) and (4) Upper Garstang weir below Franklaw abstraction (gauged; map)

(5) Lower Garstang weir (gauged; map) and (6) St Micheals weir (gauged; map)

(6) Aquaduct at Ratten Row (map)

B. Calder tributary

(1) Upper Oakenclough weir below Barnacre abstraction (map) and (2) main Oakenclough weir (map)

(3) Upper Calder Vale weir (map) and (4) Lower Calder Vale weir (map)

(5) Upper Caterall weir (map) and (6) Lower Caterall weir (map)

C. Brock tributary

(1) Thirlmere aquaduct weir (map) and (2) Brock weir (gauged; map)


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